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This is a new addition to the museum. At the present time it is possible to offer reproductions of many drawings as well as four originals. The reproductions have been made by digital scanning of the originals, followed by high quality digital printing. All reproductions are unmounted and will be shipped by U.S. Mail. The price of $75 per reproduction includes shipping and handling costs.
These are the originals presently offered for sale at the prices below each image. Click on any image for an enlargement and further details.





The reproductions offered for sale may be viewed by clicking on any catalogue number displayed below.

D502 D503 D505 D506 D507 D508 D509 D510 D511 D518 D520

Each item offered for sale is the personal property of the owner, who will accept a check as payment. For further information, or to arrange a purchase, please communicate.
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