Some of the art works of Anna E. Meltzer have been donated
to institutions which are able to display them on a continuing
basis. Details are listed below for two such transfers.



College of William and Mary, Williamsburg,Virginia

Muscarelle Museum of Art

The painting shown below was donated to the permanent collection in 1998. The Curator of Collections, Ann C. Madonia, writes that it "has become one of our most popular works." For more about gifts to this interesting museum, see: Significant" American Paintings Given to The Muscarelle Museum of Art

Alexander Brooks' Art Class


Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts


The works displayed below were donated to The Trustman Art Gallery, Simmons College by Susan Schwalb ( in February, 2004. The quotations accompaning each work are comments by an appraiser. For more information contact Professor Robert Oppenheim at Simmons College (

Woman in Red Hat.

"This painting ... is a lyrical, pensive portrait of the subject agaist an abstract background."


Head of Young Girl

"... an attractive girl in semi-profile, gazing out at the viewer, also against a painterly abstract background."



Mother and Child

"The artist treats this subject in a formal cubist format, ... "


Old Woman

"... the subject is drawn with a more representational hand than the other images in

this collection, possibly suggesting the realities one faces at this stage of life."



Portrait of Evelyn C. Schwalb




Woman in Blue Hat

"This lively image of a young woman recalls late 19th century portraits."




Women at Art Exhibitiion

"This is an amusing black-and-white image of women attending a

gallery exhibition, a subject rarely seen in 1050's American art."


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